Black and White: Pamela Wain


 When my days are really good
I am happy, which I should
When my days seem so bad
I am down and really sad
I am mixed up way inside
Through my feelings, they can’t hide
If I’m having a real good day
My good feelings need to stay
If I lose them to the bad
Everything looks really sad
If I feel I’m losing my grip
My good feelings seem to slip
My heart and mind are not the same
They are apart, this is no game
And when they are so far apart
I need to find a place to start
To figure out what’s inside
Can my heart and mind abide?
Will they come together one day?
And when they do, will they stay?
My life is very complicated
With good and bad so separated
There will still be days when I am sad
I will get through them and be glad
The bad days won’t be so rough
I will get through them, though it is tough
Everything won’t be so sad
I will remember the good, and not the bad
When the two become as one
Then I will know I have won
The difference from day and night
Will be gone, the black and white
The filled in spaces will be grey
I will find sunshine along my way
My heart and mind together will bring
Every day a song to sing.