I Visualize Heart in Hand: Stephen Sigurdson

I visualise heart in hand, tying to a string, attached to a balloon of
Many colours, to carry you through hard times, to be used when your spirit
Needs a lift, it is given unconditionally, a gift.

I visualise heart in hand, the heart glows, full of light, to help you
When you are in darkness, as a thank you, from my very core, for
Sharing that you walked in similar shoes, opening yet another door,
Sharing a flicker of light to help me with my inner fight.

I visualise heart in hand, laying it down gently, letting it flow in the
Water to where you are, no matter how strong the current, to follow
You, no matter how far.  I hope it will give you security when you feel
Doubt, reassurance when you have a setback, no need to tread in
Water, with heart in hand, it will find you, guiding you to a warm
Beach full of sand.

I visualise heart in hand, when you feel like giving up, to help you
Realise it is not as bad as it seems, to focus on your goodness, and to
Realise your dreams.

With heart in hand, from feather to ink pen, may the hearts and
Wishes I write reach you, in which I genuinely send.