A Place To Go: James Adamson

To Gwyneth with Love 

I love you like setting all the fish in the ocean free
The whales and sharks and plankton and jellyfish
The retroactive placement of all extinct species
Love will ease all mankind
Trust will put money where it’s needed
Lies that replace charity with war will be thwarted
Dying children will arise to health for hatred for what is hated
To judge the invisible will clearly be wrong
No contradiction in the most basic truth
Butterflies will have a place to go
Children will rise and face a higher childhood than learning how to lie
They will accommodate that maturity denies evil by accommodating it
Not merely denying it exists in the face of it
They will no longer hurt and cause pain trying to make pain something we can control
Dandelions will no longer make mothers condemn a child for a little joke
Playing into the twilight of slow sunsets will not live in the rejection of anyone
Clouds will be soft again
The blue sky will protect again
Evil will not make destruction the victory over animals
We will pray that evil is merely insanity
Treasures will be caught and freed
Simple ability to release excess will teach that love only exists if you set it free
And then we will never try and control it
Gardens will celebrate where nature begins
The heartbeat of bees which throb with nature
Planting evergreens will be known for the emergency it is
Companies with their back against the wall who destroyed the land will begin to pay
More wildflowers will allow more fake beehives
Security will once again be children playing
Whales will want to live