Directions: John Oross

One turn then another
Walking into the unknown
Moments slowly tick by
Where are we trying to go

A job provides an identity
It provides you with money
It helps you with your existence
It provides you with experience
It links you with friends
It provides you with knowledge
It improves your self-esteem
It builds up your character

Change is constant
Suddenly you lost the job
The money ceases to flow
Gone are your belongings
Your vehicles are repossessed
Then you go bankrupt
No home left to go
Depression begins to grow
Cut off from your friends

Change is constant
The process to find a job
Relying upon your skills
From your past experiences
Suddenly you fall ill
Depression has taken hold
Diagnosed with Mania
Being on EIA Disability
Provides you with an income

Change is constant
With the help of others
You start to build connections
Agencies take you on
The Clubhouse comes to mind
New friends do you find
Depression is replaced with hope
Volunteering at Deer Lodge
Helping your family

Change is constant