Winter's Daylight Awe: James Adamson

The sun shone as if I were drinking
the crescent moon shone that day
as brightly as the sun’s snowfall reflection
the shadows and sunlight, lightly landed, danced
I squinted in expectation,
I opened the door

My eyes open child’s wonder
as bright as any light filled me,
my spine as any drinking known
can ever be a soul restoring me.
Awe filled me with wonder of experience
resentment crept upon, why a light so rare?

The flare of electric street lamps
became crosses again
the night – a test of flexibility
I cannot go back to having never opened that book
the gale force flow of light to blame

So rare was the intercedent
that I remember as if I was the only one
as if I was staged with no audience
bah, the moon was embarrassing of its attempt
but the rays of the sun, I dared not see
as anything but spiritual, so vital

The strike that it
filled me with a wonder
beyond embryonic  awareness
unconscious awareness that
is a newly developed retina

On a winter’s daylight awe


From book of self-published poetry, “Insanity and Reality” (2000)