Ode to My Dad: Hanna Friesen

My Dad-
what a man
a barber for 40 years
always reading up on
nutrition, between customers.
He had a grade 3 education
but he could
challenge doctors
with his new-found
knowledge of
nutrition and prevention.
He was cutting-edge–
my Dad–
Yeah, we heard all about
free radicals at the
breakfast table
and anti-oxidants etc.
He also loves nature
–called God the Creator.
We had 8 oak trees
in our front yard,
inhabited by birds,
and squirrels
watched by Dad.
I am sure he loved me
but he sure gave them
a lot of his affections.
O-he had a t.v. show.
He interviewed a German doctor
and I screened
the calls that came in.
Do we think
bell-bottoms will come back in?
Highly doubtful
so far so good
flares only thus far,
hey? Good thing
I caught that.
Dad was not as
fashion conscious
as his youngest!