Love: Richard Edwards

 The beauty of the morning
sunlight flows and carries with it the dream
that comes to us each day
it carries us
To the harbinger of the day
sensuous songs fill the air
they carry with us
to our lover’s arms.
The song is silent
when we dream
pain conveys its song
as we sleep.
Remembering forgotten days
the song is beauty
that illuminates the day
sun shines soft beams grace the day.
Softly they fall,
upon the ways of man
to show what he has amounted to
we feel secure in our dreams.
The birds fly into the sun-drenched sky
why wonder they fly
into the blue sky
we yearn for dreams.
That have once been our reality
they bathe the streets in song
and merriment
we are content.
Our hearts sing a song of contentment
it is sent
to the angels
for our contentment.
Love is before the grace of God
the grace that the dove flies into the sky
their silver wings play in the lighting.