End Begins…: John Oross

(Spoken into telephone receiver with passion)

Please don’t leave me,
I will change… promise.


Why do you say this when you mean that?

(The phone is hung up)

“An end is another beginning. Any beginning has another end.”

Life is a string of choices made
Some find happiness while other are played
Looking for love to come my way
Alas just another country song at play
Wisdom is truly gained from looking behind
Of the future we all are blind
“Nothing in this life comes for free.”

We were wrong but it felt right
Love and passion morning, noon and night
Sparks flew as you looked my way
But that was then, this is today
Neither were happy so we walked away
“Nothing in this life comes for free.”

Building a future from many broken strings
Made up of people, places and things
Choices often both confine and also define
Prisons are made both yours and mine
“Nothing in this life comes for free.”