Answer Seeking: Peter Herget

We are all seeking answers!
It is all in the way we look for them
that is the key to unlocking your greatest potential.
Life is a puzzle we solve all in good time.
For time is all we have. So much but yet so little.
Be aware of what you’ve got,
A Grateful Mind Is A Powerful Mind.
Speak your mind, use your words
and people will love you for speaking up!
Tell the truth, don’t be afraid to step it up.
Don’t be ashamed of anything about yourself.
Who you are is what counts,
not assumptions of what others think of you.
Stand Up And Be Proud Of Everything You Have Accomplished
And How Far You Have Come.
Friends, Family, And All The Good Times You Have Spent Together
and what’s still ahead for the future, your future!
Continue to show that you care, when you show how much you care,
you will receive the same amount
of LOVE AND CARE that you share with others.