Dead: Cassandra Kulay

You died, your blue-gray skin
reflecting all my pain, that you
are leaving me this shell and
going home again. What
I would give is endless, just
to see you lovely and vibrant,
young, stubborn and trying,
instead of stuck in this bed,
bored and waiting for death.
Then again, I envy you,
this great cosmic adventure,
or even final rest, and I
hope you are reunited
with those who loved you best,
doing what you loved to do,
like my happiest memories of you.
Without you, I will be so alone,
it was your soul that called me
home, it was your imagination
that struck a spark and your
unconditional love that appealed
to my eternal heart. You need
no headstone to tie you down,
flying in the wind the stars to
count. You are royalty without a
crown and I never wanted to
put you down. Now you have
died and all they see is your
wide eyes staring and the fact
you cannot breathe. Only I know
the passionate love that flowed
through you, spraying like a
fountain, making things grow,
abundant and beautiful.
I am your legacy, I am your
admirer, I am your rebellious
friend, one that never wanted
the romance of your life to end.
Rest in peace, wherever you are,
I hope you want for nothing more.