Meditation: Cassandra Kulay

I hear my voice
floating on lapis waves
of thought, keeping me
from drowning in emotions
and perceptions over which
I have no control.
They simply bombard me
and make me wonder how
they came into being,
these forces that surround me.
Where am I now? Where,
compared to where I am
supposed to be? Can I
get in touch with my
destiny, working itself out
above and below me?
When angels whisper,
the falls can overflow a river,
sinking below, you say
goodbye forever to everything
you used to know and try
to go, in secret places toward
familiar places, new knowledge
falls like snow, melts and
disappears, like the weight
of bygone years or fears
that have dragged you down.
I hear voices all around.
I find myself stranded in the
sound, wishing that I could be
certain, at the heart of the
mystery, who calls me onward,
lifts me upward and promises
eternity, with ageless wisdom
guiding me.