Starbucks: Gerald Herron

The Coffee Shop for Royalty!
“Extra hot no foam Soy Caramel Macchiato,
Doppio Expresso Con Panna with extra Caramel
Mocha Coconut Frappuccino Light
Double Blended with One Splenda…”

Hard hat Joe lumbered in
like Juan Valdez making a comeback!
Cup of coffee, cream and sugar,
imagine that!
The Duke and Earl had simultaneous heart attacks!
Circle the Cadillacs!
The Empire is under attack!
The King spoke of the tower
to those who opposed his power!
The V.P. of B.P.,
drilling through his mountain of whipped cream,
jumped up and shouted!
“Eureka! Hot Chocolate!”
Martha Stewart talked the Stock Market,
the Queen of Diamonds spoke of her
dearly departed fifth husband,
in walked two Knights in pinstripes
talking offshore bank accounts in the Bahamas.
The minimum wage surfs worked the espresso machine
filling the Chalices with Royal cream!
Lady Daffodil, reigned down her decree!
“Boy! A Tazo tea!”
The barefoot servant spoke,
“Please, one moment.”
She gave him this look,
how dare you disobey my command!
Don’t you know who I am!
I was laughing so hard inside
it almost burst through!
Your crown’s crooked
let me fix that for you!

I looked up into the bright light,
inscribed in silver and gold,
“Grande, Venti, Trenta?”
You need to know a second language!
Which is quite difficult for me
since I only have a G.E.D.!

So I decided to use my own lingo…
I’d like a triple gigantic, Lah Tee Dah,
with a splash of goat’s milk, stirred not shaken,
and a five dollar chocolate chip cookie.


From the self-published book of poetry, “Days Gone By”( 2013.)