The Mask I Wear: Stephen Sigurdson

Emotions are there, they affect us in every way, as we
become adults, many of us hide them with a mask,
deep, submerged, in our soul they stay.

I have a productive and friendly mask, to show you I
am successful, that I am alright, I need reassurance
from others when I accomplish my task, I leave with a
forced smile, politely trying to say goodnight, feeling
in denial.

I have a strong and defensive mask, when you
challenge or hurt me, I will give you an angry look,
maybe swear, not wanting to fight, but feeling the
adrenaline, and trying to scare off the threat, using
the mask of Odin, it has worked in the past, however
sometimes I would like to let the rage out, but deep
down that is not what I am about.

I have a wounded mask that I use when I am hurting,
I withdraw to my bedroom, put a pillow over my face,
desperately trying to avoid people, not wanting
people to see me, and using my home as a hiding

I have a rubber mask to numb or avoid pain,
emotions come in, not wanting to be hurt, I deflect
them out, showing them a scenic and passive route.

I have a colourful and expressive mask, to show you
that I am intuitive and alright, trying to define myself
as an artist, hopefully, something special in me, when
I paint and write.

Most of the time I cannot control the mask I wear, it
has grown weathered and thin, others can see
through me now, I feel they can see my failures and
where I’ve been.

I wish I could take off the masks, but they protect me,
I dream of being able to work and play on my own terms,
not giving a thought to what people care, however, I
honestly do not know if I feel safe or secure yet, or
ever, to take off The Mask I Wear.