Meeting With the Unknown Future: Peter Herget

You don’t meet nice people every day. Every day is different. Every moment is precious, take time to cherish all the little things especially the time you spend with each other. For it is when we stand together is when we conquer our goals whatever they may be. Friends and loved ones are special, they only come around once in a lifetime.

Just say what needs to be said. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Say whatever it is that you want to say, don’t hold back your words. You’ll feel that much better when you do it, if you talk it out and see what happens. You’ll never really know what will be until it happens. What you want will only come when you try your best every day. When your goals do happen for you, you’ll feel on top of the world, like nothing could ever bring you down. After all, the view looks much better from the summit.