The Boy of Glass: Stephen Sigurdson

The Boy of Glass, a reflection of innocence
wholeness, too young to be broken.
Others tainted, their own innocence lost, seeing
a reflection of who they once were, catching a
glimpse of themselves looking back in the
reflection, not liking what they see.
with stone in hand, the glass shatters, just
slivers remain, reflecting a newfound
weakness, a vulnerability, not sure what to do,
the boy withdrew.
Innocence lost, after the glass shattered, in his
mind, he knew he was not strong enough to
fight back, still deeply wounded, knowing the
result could be a final blow to the pain, the boy
wondered why do people throw stones at me
with slivers that remain, not knowing later
in life, if the regret of not fighting back would
drive him insane.
The Boy of Glass, went for help, a Psychiatrist
he was shown some pictures of ink blots, then
he was asked,”Do you throw stones from a Glass
The boy looked back, understanding why he
could not fight back, then he asked his own
question ?
“Do you throw stones at a Glass House?”
with no answer, he assumed that is something each
person must ask themselves
I just desire a connection, a friendship,
I do not have many friends; it is hard for me, depression has distorted my life, now a reality, but with you, I can let go, and just be.
It is selfish of me to want your spark in my life, when my light is dim. However I sense you need something, with a connection that feels so right, that can only bring colour to light.