Color to Light: Stephen Sigurdson


I need to hear your voice, words written by your hand, some communication, hungering for a call, no matter how short the time, or how small.

I want to know that you are okay, not wanting to see you hurt or alone, I find it hard to resist a chance at your love, even if it is a fading, distant wish or in the clouds, unrealistically above.

Even though it has been awhile, your kindness is recorded in my heart, I envy your light, I have colour, but I am losing my inner fight.

I just desire a connection, a friendship, I do not have many friends; it is hard for me, depression has distorted my life, now a reality, but with you, I can let go, and just be.

It is selfish of me to want your spark in my life, when my light is dim. However I sense you need something, with a connection that feels so right, that can only bring colour to light.