Kaleidoscope Online |The Way It Is: Paulette Furoy

There are times in your life when all you can do at the end of your day is
turn out the lights,
flop on your bed,
and throw in the towel raise the white flag.

For some, that kind of surrender is hard to contemplate and even
harder to accept. And there is a dignity in that – fighting to finish, to
the red-faced bitter end.

But in those moments, in bed, right when the lights go out, solace can
be found.

The very act of giving up becomes a starting point.
You clear your mind, still your beating heart. You navigate the rocky
shoal to start out again.

Call it surrender or serenity, it doesn’t matter which because the thing
you thought you would never have to say or do or face becomes
more than what you have to do.

It just becomes the way it is.