Dream Girl: Jordan Derksen

I undress, climb into bed, get under the covers and rest my head.
Laying my head down on the pillow slowly I fall asleep.
The land of my dreams washes over me
and then I see her in the distance;
a beautiful woman fit for my dreams.
Slowly, I approach and she smiles and takes my hand.
Soon we are flying though the sky.
I feel weightless and my heart rushes faster.
I have lost myself in her eyes as we float through space.
Her lips touch slowly against mine.
We dance among the stars in the moonlight.
Holding her in my arms it feels like the love of my life.
The moonlight gets brighter when everything gets quieter and
I begin to fall from her arms faster and faster back to earth.
I fall and fall.
Suddenly I awake and the girl of my dreams was just that –
a girl of my dreams.