Keepsake: Anonymous

The initial step is but a motion to a stairway

An idea indebt could be a struggle to achieve a way

A call to an idea could be an insight to a door

But a poor man could be a sight to mislead the rich

A million dollars may be a way to pay a debt

However, not even one dollar could outline the path of the mind

As an idea may change the outlook the path of the sound and sight

But a step so steep may be deep instead of kind to ones kindness

As one so true to deceit may relinquish to his heart

As she may part from the deafness of the kind

When only the lonely the words of the first said would relinquish not the hard

As together both would see the sight of the mind

And the initial feat would be not to move

In the direction of the honest and not deceitful

As trust and truth come together as a dove

When the rich share wealth and comfort with the truth of the poor

– Anonymous