A bird in flight no more: Anonymous

One foot to the other foot

Claws extended over the pedal

Eyes looking up and forward

As a bird having an injury

Once in flight circling about after a fly

And fluttering about around

Against the shyness of the sun so beckoned the moon

After a day in the air

And on the twig of a tree to drop unto a branch with the green foliage

Showing its shadow to the beak of the bird

And swooping down on a pence

As movement announced

The bird has a shadow and has a wing injured

The flight is in array while he must put forward the other claw

And hope to put down his life to be a morsel

Anew picked by another

As the flight of the bird

Is now no more

For this bird injured

Falls forward and is now no more a bird in flight

                    Beauty unannounced

– Anonymous