Star Quest: Marjolaine Brodeur

    Where have all the stars in the night sky gone? I can’t accept that this the result of the amount of light that the city uses to protect us at night. I do remember seeing a wide variety of stars not too long ago and yet quite recently the only orbs in the sky have been the planet Venus and the moon. This is incomprehensible. Surly there must be another answer for this absence.

     People need to see stars twinkling at night in order to feel the wonder that these night beings bring to us mere mortals. To be connected to this part of life under the night sky helps ease some of the stresses that are felt by humans during the daytime. It causes us to pause and take stock of what we are presently engaged in, to find a greater thing to be in awe of and find soul-refreshing things that cannot be assuaged by video games or other of their ilk; we need a sense of wonder to make us whole.

     Stars of their like have filled this role for millennia. They are necessities to give us a sense of our place in the scheme of things. Do we really need to shut off more of the lights that flood our night skies? The moon not only to steer us at the dark of night, it also helps us dream dreams of otherness. Give me back my constellations from where they’ve been kept hidden and satisfy this human’s soul.