Time in Essence: Peter Herget

As time spirals further down
With every Tick, there is a Tock
With every Lock, it will Dock
With every Clock, it will Shock
With every Talk, it will Stalk
With every Link, it will Sink
With every Tinker, it will Clinker
With every Clatter, things will Scatter.

Time as intricate as it is, it persuades, it eludes the diluted.  Time is a never-ending circle of all that is, was, and what will be, caught up in its webs.  For better or worse, time is what it is.  Time is wise and time is foolish.  Which one depends on how one uses time itself.  Time is clever, it never skips a beat.  

With every minute that is used, 
With every second that is passed
With what is left, good or bad
Whatever it is, do it before time is up!