Version Two: Despair: Jason Cheung

I am the Depression
that lurks in your mind
The mind of the timid and the weak
My tactics are simple
I coexist with your other parts literally
In fact, harmony and peace in some instances
Until I decide to wreak havoc on your days
You have been battling me for a good decade and a half
while some people feel the jousting of up and down
in their minds all the time

You seem to be even keeled most of the year
Just having bursts and bouts of depression during
The deep winter and the two seasonal changes per year
This is the classic recipe for an illness or medical condition like me
You start off small, you lure and confuse the victim with
The thoughts of the least significance
Perhaps a whisper of “you are not good enough” or
“you will never make it”
Once you got him hooked, may the games of manipulation in
the mind, spirit and senses begin