Spiritual Boomtown: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth, with Love

Buildings built for reasons
Facades fall away
The incomplete load of bricks
Structure that permeates
Evolving concepts
Faith in the people who move through
We strive for a reality
What education tells us
Built in a two river drain basin
Floods bring together and wash away
A place for everyone
Moving beyond cracks in concrete
The stage for nature
Peace reigns on the river banks
The ego is released by the small planet
Help exists
Money is used to purchase art and help the art community
All gifts require eternal vigilance
The pain of birth is perpetual
People fear but the child lives who was bit by a viper
Water and light spread
Time comes to life in poetry
The mind is a dimension
Darkness is within itself
There is a rising horizon
We look to the mind as a great miracle
The shower of light or the golden city
Vitality is in defense of our values
Failure is always in the pastWe ride high on anything said
Highrises of truth and sacrifice
Spirituality imbued
Thieves steal for themselves
Tyrants are destructive
They attack everyone
Leadership is inspiration
Clarity is every brick
Windows see forever
Kind and gentle is the leader
Harshness is discipline
Genius wants to be clear
We ride the river with the seasons
We drive with a better world at every turn
We build a city always, and gifts survive