Corrupting Combinations: C. Fay Shlanda

I was the match, you were the flame.
Intoxicating fumes fueled heightened emotions.
The light burned bright till you consumed me.

I was the performer, you were the ring master.
Training to walk on eggshells as I tread your stage.
Starving for praise as you collected the accolades.

I was a hollow shell, you were empty calories.
Feeding on a love bearing no fruit for the future.
Appearing healthy on the outside, as I withered away.

I was a happy spirit, you were a needy soul.
The energy spiralled in an unbalanced loop.
My outlook plummeted, as you looked to soar.

I was the prisoner, you were the warden.
Nightmares enveloped my dreams of escape.
Pleading for mercy, when you tightened the grip.

I became enlightened, you remained in the dark.
Hope sparked a new flame in the face of despair.
Growing my confidence, while blinding you.

I am the victorious, you are the fallen.
Underground protests evolved into uprisings.
No more am I a subject in your dictatorship.