Peaceful Time: Cassandra Kulay

Daffodils and quiet tea,
an ordinary day for you and me.
On my blouse, the embroidery
sings, a song of pattern and
freedom, a squirrel scrambles
up a tree, from the window the
tail disappears. Dappled
sunlight falls on the table, I
want to experience it all
with you, as long as I am
able. The shape of your hand,
cradling the cup, with sleepy
eyes, you take a sip, nothing
needs to be said but we
have made remarks, attention
is paid to our togetherness,
now we let go. We don’t
need to impress, just to
express our humanity, to
enjoy our silly vanity, seeing
ourselves seeing ourselves
trying to communicate the
peace and joy we feel,
knowing it is real and not just
a figment of our imagination.