Bring in the Sheaves: Betty Carmichael

He came over in a Messenger boat.
There was pee all over inside,
but it was better than diving overboard.
He came from Germany to Canada.
He planted several trees. He built his
cellar to keep food in.
There was a tiny stream around the
land for fish. There was even a
Buffalo jump. There was all kinds of
fossils such as arrow-heads. My brother
learned a lot from Herb, Kleist.
Herb was my mom Hazel’s second husband.
We miss going to Cartwright and seeing
all the Christmas carolers at Christmas
time. Herb was a good foster father for
George my brother.
We all miss him, Shirley, Myrna,
myself and George.
When Herb died he was buried in a coffin
by mom Hazel in Shoal Lake, Manitoba.
We all miss you Herb.
At Christmas time I like to
hear the song “Bringing in the
Sheaves” because it reminds
me of Herb.