The Tour: C.Fay Shlanda

Allow my words to take you on a journey
Through some of the dark recesses of my mind
A long, rocky trip, not for the faint of heart
For the light in there is not easy to find.

We begin with the expanding loneliness
Standing alone, under a burnt out street light
It is scanning the gloom for a companion
Or anyone to help get it through the night.

Sadness spreads its sorrow out over the land
Searching the barren ground for any purchase
Happiness is being extinguished on mass
Nothing good can stay hidden on the surface.

Treading upon the stage is white hot anger
Scorching relays the scenery it has chewed
The wise mind was written out so long ago
Reruns of better days, are no longer viewed.

Shame is still skulking in the dim lit corners
Waiting for when opportunities collide
Painting out my life in shades of reds and blues
As it works to colour what’s left of my pride.

The last stop for today is where fear resides
It’s running wild in the wide open spaces
Yelling its’ nonsense to all who will listen
Noting reactions when it gets in their face.