Go Rover Go: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth with love

The sun and the child
a pet grazes on the grass soon carelessly set free
lost to the cottage forest
sought endlessly in the pelting rain
set free to wander the forest
huge incisors scaring off the rivals to his claim
of his domain
bears even kept their distance
the ground shakes and trees fall as he moves through his world
nature emanates with the power of his beating heart
years later he will save a small boy
the world will know his life cast adrift was not the fault of his owner
standing between danger and small boys in the Winnipeg River area
like the legend of Jeremiah Johnson
like Santa Claus
the winter and his hot breath huffing into frost
his loving and easy-going nature
his intelligent eyes
no prejudice or favoritism
living for mankind like all animals
sometimes trodding other times running like the wind
his markings striking fear into bears and wolves and birds of prey
orange with white around his ears and down his snout
deep black eyes piercing his world
love, his weapon
forgiveness his mission
family his cause
living to tell his owner to keep looking
he is under that piece of metal behind that tree over that hill
in that tuft of trees, deep in the world, on your doorstep
his statement, life is worth it, especially in the face of loss
to get others past that pain
ever cooing just to ease the mind.