Celebration of Spring: Susan Maria Rowley

Oh let the odes
to Spring begin!
Let them be breathed
in rhyme.
Let them be breathed
in song
Oh so long.
But at least the ice queen
has been defeated
and we are left
counting our talismans
of the endless cold months:
a ruby in a shell
a crystal angel by an amethyst
and more recently
a Gerbera daisy
to brighten our spirits.
Outside as we walk in the sun
cigarette butts rise from the snow.
We leave nothing but tobacco offerings
and trash ours to help the earth.
Squirrels dance in the trees
a crow caws
and there is the honk of a goose
all telling us
we have made it yet again
to this place of rebirth.
We celebrate by eating
spicy foods from the desert
and give thanks
for this equinox day.