Shower of Light: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth with Love

A bluish light with white bobbles like white bubbles
Yet a curtain was forever dropping like rain
My mind was filled with wonder
Writing, painting, music flowed from my mind as if light itself could talk
All things of darkness became known for what they are
Pregnant with a cornucopia of fruit dropping them like victory
Impotence became darkness
Light permeated my mind as if love and light can themselves make love
The irony of looking for something yet not knowing what filled laughter with truth
One joke kept coming to me causing laughter again and again for weeks
A passion of reality was a bath in falling light
I could practically feel what I was saying
My friends and family came second to love itself
Light washed over me as if truth could not make more sense
Calling out in humility is the glory as if a rising mountain in obvious
Long term patience as if one inch a year allowed doubt to erode
No argument could deter me in the faith of love and forgiveness
As with knowledge and understanding of such comfort
The water was held back by unknown and mysterious reasoning
While the light flowed over the dam and into my mind
And the light also was truly from the sky
All the forces against me seemed like nothing as soon as I confronted them
Worry that once plagued me and held me back now is a means forward
How to prevent further waste of my life compelled me