One: April Beck

All life is one
that is how it begun.
Paradise is here but yet we can’t see
the miraculous beauty and simplicity
clouded and blinded with guilt shame and hate.
Too much pride and ego gives us the delusion nothing is great.
Take your time and look around.
Even in silence there is still sound.
What we go through is what we create
you are responsible for your own happiness it’s never too late
see things for the first time again.
Try to see the beauty in everything
follow your heart and what it sings
we are all connected like never ending rings.
Don’t be afraid to speak from your heart and your mind
you may be surprised at the good you will find.
Be the light when there is nothing but dark.
Help others to find their own little spark.
That little sparkle will become a great beam
and you’ll see beauty like you’ve never seen.
Your love will overflow and it will spread and grow.
Your heart is made with LOVE.
That is what our souls are truly made.