Pop Culture: James Adamson

Pop cans stacked on their sides with their bottoms presented outwards in a t.v.
the old cathode ray tube
society has made no progress
the destruction of the world hanging in the closet
wildlife enthusiasts told not to go there, over the ride
more garbage staining our lives
life and death are an irony of a tree with no leaves
spring breaks through with no applause
beautiful women faking their laughter at the party of princes
deception is more powerful the more fundamentally it lies
even love refrains from asking the truth
soup is an art form of no food
we get the flu over stupid ideas, so stupid we don’t even know
aisles in stores are almost cages with bars
what is wrought when natural disasters are an upwelling of garbage
how precise the prophecy of our garbage appearing from where we hid it
what evil blames others for the problem only to be the source of waste
as cities are destroyed in revenge
a tooth for a tooth is not two buildings for a country
vengeance is never practical except in Him who know its true result
while the truth is known suddenly the conversation was nothing
popcorn, pop drinks, pop art, pop psychology
I have seen pathos performed in the pillars of society
the abandon of intelligent discourse because great minds can disagree
with illness taking on pretext of a good question
and the all the limitations of doing the right thing
we try not to listen to ads and leaves will bud on an empty tree.