Boundaries: Pamela Wain

You have to build your confidence
That’s how you build your fence
It means that you must be strong
When you believe, you can’t go wrong
Even when you think it through
It’s the safest thing to do
Your personal space, while about
Should be no room left for doubt
If someone tries to climb your fence
Push them back in self-defense
Don’t let them reach the top
Be strong, make them stop
They may try, again and again
You must be firm, don’t let them in
If you feel that line is crossed
You can stay strong, without loss
Every time that you say no
You build your fence as you go
When your fence is reinforced
You get stronger, no remorse
You must believe it can be done
In the end, you will have won
If someone tries to break your vault
Never think that it’s your fault