When the truth smiles at you and says you have to wait
years have gone by and tomorrow is still the same
everyone has lied, it seems, but the truth that makes you wait is still yours
crows land in a church yard while you wait
love pounds in the paper and electricity
vision sees the clouds but tomorrow is like art
it can be invested in
friends can be ambiguous except the years go by
seasons are like toys
pounding into waves at the beach
summer sun and sand while eyes examine hope all over your lake wet form
innocence seems like simplicity
persistence sees passed examination
lies are leaves on a tree to the sky
days are the sky but when autumn arrives I reach for a towel
holding dear to the sun
still there, like the mindlessness of war
family love breaks upon the egg like boulders
in the water sun
but the truth thinks even when light destroys the weapons of war
painted against canvas is wonder
written down is clay
music sent is a chance
buildings walk
slight insight is the deepest
highways deserted with blind billboards
in the ditch when I saw her face
“Careful!” she yells from the passenger seat as I roll away from the wheels
the night clouds look like a raccoon face
I lifted my head because
she is a miracle
in the depth of dawn a mystery
some self-esteem
over the rise of the sun
as it triples back to family
the simple water and mysterious love
subtle simple, darkness, like veil
and the day toys with my mind
in an obvious way
asking me to wait