Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Let us celebrate!
It’s Christmas time again,
here in Winnipeg City.
Our colourful lights
shine bright
and strong, pretty.
Cook the goose;
we all hang loose.
We kneed the bread,
jump out of bed.
We gather round
the Christmas tree:
Tiny lights, tinsel, bulbs,
and angel hair.
Touch, be, feel,
believe in  the real  you see.
Candles, eggnog, nutmeg,
popcorn,  fresh air.
We ride a sleigh:
down a long, snowy way.
We roll a snow-man.
We roll a snow-woman, too.
Let us say grace,
we hope, but also
then again we pray.
This has always been,
yes, will always be
our united way.
Peas and  carrots,
turkey,  cabbage rolls,
honeyed ham, gravy, perogies,
cranberry sauce, brown-sugared yam.
We look,   We listen, We love:
as The Word becomes The Dove.
Sing the rainbow of
our multi-cultural light:
One God, His Son:  The Truth of Everlasting Life.