Guided: C. Fay Shlanda

Hit the ground running and gather no moss
The road is wide open to drive across
You can bridge the gap and close the divide
Climb up the mountain to see a new side
The path beneath them is solid and sound
They feel secure as they travel the ground

Journeys can come with some setbacks and strife
Yet it may not shadow day to day life
The field is littered with battles well fought
To stop and give up is a fleeting thought
These hurdles become just detours instead
There is still new land to cover ahead

A few soar up and explore from above
And fly through their life on wings of a dove
Some set a course using the stars and sun
They harness the four winds to get it done
Those are the landscapes that many traverse
Voyages celebrated in song and verse

Yet here and alone within this next class
Are the ones so often treated like glass
Staring right through them as we go on by
Scared of the image if they meet their eye
Too fragile to hold because they might break
And help is a risk too costly to take

Still these travellers seek a safe purchase
As they move along an unsure surface
Testing the safety of each of single stride
Any false step and it cracks open wide
Holding to a faith their aim could be true
While a joyous end is far from their view

Shuffle or crawl, do what they can muster
Even if the future holds no lustre
The daylight’s shine is not nearly as bright
For as they wander it seems more like night
Many may stumble or chose to lay down
Others are never again to be found

As I learn to navigate in this space
Keenly aware of the dangers I face
Learning to balance and staying on top
Knowing the price if I ever did stop
Should I become at the end of my rope
The supports I have garnered help me cope

So if you ride a highway smooth and lit
Those small potholes just slow you a bit
Where my designation is not desired
My self compass is differently wired
I wish you safe passage and to think twice
While I continue my walk on thin ice