Autumn Poem By Cassandra Kulay

The snap of cold in the air,
the leaves falling everywhere,
the fall is finally here, inside
I sing the praises of Rapheal,
the guardian angel of the season.
I love this time for so many reasons.
Autumn enfolds me in her arms,
red, gold, green and brown, the
pageantry is all around, I bathe
in the sunlight, delight in the wind,
my thoughts dance through my head.
Leaves crunch underneath my feet,
a little rain, a little sleet, a whisper
of the winter to come, a memory
of the summer already gone.
Sleep is easy in the cool night air,
dreams are sweet, a bold affair.
Brisk is the song that underlies
the season, free the mind that flies
on the wings of truth and reason.
This is my ode to fall, I celebrate
the beauty of it all, I wait all year
for the signs of autumn to appear.