Division of One By Charlaine Ballantyne

The realization of watching a loved one be sick in their body, mind & spirit
Takes control of thoughts, feelings & becomes motionless with every breath
Denial flows as viewpoint met with feelings of disbelief and heartbreak
Confusion is strong and becomes stronger with accepting the declination
The hope believed in becomes a distant memory and sudden stranger
Dreams shared are fearfully ashamed for the desire to the strengthened belief
Not an idea, thought or word can feel the pure understanding from this revelation
Life as one becomes habitually the reflection a lifetime has shared surviving pain
Suddenly this estranged life has exotic meaning so overwhelmingly feared
Promises of yesterday are lost with the inability to accept the identified sickness
Memories of kindred survival allowed a bond for the expected affliction
The empowered disease is loved to hate a memory the heart can offer tomorrow
Fear is reality of knowing life can disappear to an accepted unreal of the unknown
Intelligence of the unknown questions tomorrow with determination of change