Anti-Deppressants By Cassandra Kulay

A river flows at my feet and
Flowers float down from the air.
It’s been twenty years since I
Started taking anti-depressants.
In the beginning, it was a miracle
To me, I felt like a super-hero
And not just a puddle of tears.
The doctor says they blunt emotions
So I don’t feel anything as deeply
Anymore.  At first, I was afraid that
Losing my sensitivity would be
Losing something essential about me
My identity, but I couldn’t cope, it
Seemed the lesser of two evils.
It’s been many years since I’ve cried,
Let the tears flow and purge the
Pain inside, the depth of the river
Is hidden but still exists.  I’m still
Me but I can let it be, trust the
Current to bring me to my destiny.
The flowers smell just as sweet,
Representing an interior oasis
Where I can experience myself.