The Affect of Rain By Cassandra Kulay

Looking out at the slick streets
everything seems to be emerging
as emerald green, trees stretch
their branches and seem to burst
into song, rain washes the dust and
grit away with a promise of a cooler
day, the clouds a pregnant, dark
and brooding, full of rain, my soul
is at peace as they unload their
burden around me, cleansing and
calming, my soul opens like the
petals of a flower, hour after hour,
collecting sweet moisture and
growing towards my full potential.
Relieving the burning sun, pouring
balm on the souls of everyone
who suffers from the heat,
bringing storms and lightning,
Music of the skies, I try to catch
it in midair but the water slips
through my fingers, it is as if the
heavens are crying for me, striving
to wash away my pain, that is the
affect of rain.