Four Winds Ward By Andrews

We’re headed far winds ward to Studio Central,
where an artists’ hub lives and breathes.
Winnipeg bound to the gateway of the west,
where cold days exhume inside themselves.

It starts with a whim and a prayer of thought.
With a writer’s enlightenment though per chance.
Idea after idea envelopes and nurtures it so,
The mind geared calibrating rightfully realizing.

The time is right for the muses to dance,
moods of happy plus sad and between all the shades.
Once understood the artist’s endeavors,
but understanding to realize we are what we’ve given.

The consuming time of a different stroke,
with the painter’s brush virile and true.
A stroke here plus a stroke there you may say,
Vincent Van Gogh could not do better artistry.

It’s vibrance is originally put beside colors of blue,
truly there is not likely at this studio only one talent.
There are artists at this studio likely,
we’re headed four winds ward to Studio Central.