Summer Soon By Cassandra Kulay

Somewhere soon is summer soon.
I wish I was at the beach playing
in the waves or walking barefoot.
Sand between my toes, who knows
I might find forgiveness in the water,
a baptism of cold, after which I fold
my towel and go into town, like any
other season, summer has a sinister
side, fry an egg on the sidewalk hot.
In the city, making me dizzy, no air
conditioner at home, kids shout and
scream as they play, I try but I can’t
wish them away, toss and turn, can’t
Sleep, I hate summer sometimes, I
grumble as I do my chores, I’m alone,
I’m sweaty and I’m bored, so many
childhood memories restored, free
to watch the hours drag by, it’s time
to greet summer, for better or for
worse, sometimes a joy and
sometimes a curse.