Kids and School Buses By Wendy Leslie Kirsch

The bell just rang
And here they come
Some run to meet
Their Dad or Mom.

Pony tails
And dancing curls
Rowdy boys
And shrieking girls.

Most line up and wait
For their buses to arrive
Others bound down the street
So young and alive.

They don’t hold still for a second
Jumping and down and wiggling
Joking, teasing, protesting,
Laughing, goofing and giggling.

Buses round the corner
With numbers displayed
Each child checks for theirs
Then their voices fade.

A beautiful masterpiece
A priceless work of art
I have only to say
How do kids get so smart!

Poetry in motion
Children are heaven sent
A moving orchestration
Truly magnificent!

School’s out for another day
All aboard and off they go
Time for me to go too
It’s the end of the show.