Shatter Bones Dance: Henry Peters

Shatter these bones that
Ache to crumble and sprinkle
These ashes of an ill-begotten history
Into the light of day where all
That is weak and dis-eased will be
Seen at once and blown away to whence it came!
Construct me your tower of Bable
And leave me to curse for the
Storm of renewal to begin it’s slaughter
Of all that is worshipped and believed
For the sake of a more complete emptiness
Of the cups from which we already drink!
Let me be the executioner of the blood-red sky
If only for this one special time
Dance with me in the poison of all
That is sublime and never say it’s too late
For the lust of our enslavement to beg for more!
Inject mine eyes with all the power|
Of your most decadent delights
And quit this weary path so that I may feast
On the torments of your visions!
Let it be so! I ask no more.