Christmas Night: Jordan Derksen

It was the night before Christmas.  I was 12 years old.  My master plan was to catch Santa in the act.  I stuffed my bed with pillows to make it look like I was asleep.  I snuck down to the living room and hid behind the couch waiting near the milk and cookies.  Hours went by with nothing but the sound of the wind.  As I watched the snow fall through the window.  I was almost asleep when I heard the tiptoes from my parents’ room.  And then I saw him with a sack so red and full of toys I hid in the corner under a blanket with one eye sticking out.  I saw Santa fill the stockings with goodies.  I wondered how he got into the house?  Because we didn’t have a chimney and he must have snuck in through my parents’ room.  How could he get in without waking up my parents?  It didn’t worry me much because I had caught him in the act; Santa stacked the presents under the tree and ate the cookies I had left for him.  That is when I jumped out, and all I could say is, “Merry Christmas Saint Nick!” He said, “Why, what a surprise little boy!  Have you been good this year?” I said, “Yes! Do you remember what I asked for?”  Santa laughed with a chuckle and said, “You wanted a remote control car, the red one! Ho Ho Ho!  Now you must go to bed, I have so many gifts to deliver.”  He picked up his sack and tiptoed down the hall.  I couldn’t believe it, Santa was real and I saw him!  I ate the last cookie and slept on the couch.  When I awoke, I didn’t tell anyone.  But when I opened the first present it was the red remote control car that I wanted.