The Nature of Time: John Oross

I am free!  Able to go where the wind takes me.  Directed by its strength until it steps aside, replaced by its opposite.

Suddenly with a howl, a flurry of great magnitude takes place, covering all in its embrace.

Then, just as suddenly, it relinquishes its hold and is gone.  I am no longer free!  I now have roots and will grow into a tree!

Am I straight and tall?  Am I gnarled, twisted and bent?

As you look upon the tree, it is straight you see.  It was fed proper water and light.

Water and light, are combined to form an allegory.

The tree of course represents you and me.

The water drank was from Masonry.

The light, our Brothers was from the Shriners, Brothers of you and me.

The seeds both have sewn are planted row on row, which we all can see.

From the same source they have evolved, in service, they toil for one and all.

It is time to keep an open mind, to heed these words and call.

Let us not allow for mankind, to allow for neither Masonry nor Shrine dome to fall.

We are Brothers, one and all.  We must catch each other so none shall fail nor fall.



We all have life open in front of us and at times give no thought to where you wish to go, what you want to do and so on.

Many outside influences take part in your development.  You however make your own choices along the way.

Time never stops and soon without realizing it many seasons will have passed, you will have gone through a large part of your life.



Are you happy?  Are you where you want to be?  Did you do things your way?  Did you succumb to the outside influences and sacrifice the person that you want and need to be?

Have you done for others all you can?  Are you the better man you had set out to be originally?  Have you failed to keep our faith?

Faith is in my mind defined as MASONRY, in service of all mankind.  An example of which is the acts of philanthropy; no better example exists then those who stand beside you and I