Assorted Haiku: Jim Beckta

I was not to feed the fog
But it just took it
And I am hungry

Roaring fog all around me
I can’t turn it off
If only I could go home

Cutting pieces of fog
Cutting pieces of cubes
If only I could use them

Pleading with the white fog
to move away
It is now moving downhill

O Black Man
You have a White Lady too
Call her, and she will feed us

Words, not heavy like bricks
Easy to carry
Moving one word, one line

The White Lady is in your room
Do not resist her,
She’s there for you

She gives you food in White Bricks
Use them to build
Your way out of this place

You are a Pixie
Your brain only newly forming
Do not resist

In the bin of mental illness
We are safe from Harm
She protects us