Commonwealth: James Adamson

Double the public domain
Give with the people fed to satisfaction
Languish in the lap of luxury
Destroy all the means of entitlement of power over each other
Tyrants will die in some science fiction puberty
Dictators will shame their example of mankind
Destruction will always feed on creation
Evil will have the illusion of a cause
Hope will be in the hands of mankind
The universe will spread out like a picnic blanket
Only those who need on their own terms won’t feed on the bounty of creation
Such beauty and power abounds so that we will all look the same
Yet evil will continue to try and discern
It will try and delegate who gets what
They will sit in their room and therefore never leave
Others will abound throughout the universe
Thousands of planets all with the glory of nature and urban accomplishment
Wanting it for everyone is the means of having it
Abandon is not the same as forgiveness
Letting go is a means not an end
Substance of all and in all can be full of joy
Live for joy and more joy will live
Love every chance and every chance will love
Watch the light flicker through the leaves and the leaves will flicker with light
Place light on dark and dark will be more light forever
The future will abound like the comfort of a child had with family
Family will be everywhere and abound of the future
Time will pump as a lifeblood and will live in your veins eternally