The Fight of Joan: Elton Plett

An innocent heart
pure and free
to romp through fields
in revere.

A little further
along in time
was found inside
a voice divine.

Inspired to turn
to chastity
and desired a life
of charity.

Though in her land
where hostilities were strong
denying her peace
for what she longed.

Conflicting powers
trampled underfoot
tarnished the ground
with ash and soot.

As the torment of her estate
burned her deep
she aspired to set
her people free.

Receiving a message
and a higher call
she reasoned it to help
and would not fall.

In this way of
greater pursuit
was beckoned  to
appear to show them

Thwarted the enemy
And ran them through
Their blood turned crimson
The water too.

Upon winning the
hearts of men
on a champion’s
errand they did send.